What College Principals, Directors and Students say about UCS

Prasad P.V

Director, Indira Gandhi College of Nursing - Bangalore

"Greetings and Best wishes for Universal Consultants"

"I am happy to know that Universal Consultants, an outstanding consultancy in promoting its services in the field of career guidance for more than 15 years."

"I appreciate you in doing such tremendous service to each and every student and to the society in guiding them to achieve their goals in the right way."

Dr. Mohamed Noor Ahemd

Principal, Karnataka College of Management and Science - Bangalore

"Universal Consultants has received much positive feedback from Students and their parents. We are really happy to work with Universal Consultants with their expertise in the field for more than 15 years. Its employees and the whole core team has been really outstanding in guiding and providing its services at its best."

"Universal has been always available to care about each student to excel in their life. They are very prompt and I really appreciate all these gestures and the help rendered by your team. We wish all the very success for Team Universal for such a wonderful service."


Principal, Banaswadi College of Nursing- Bangalore

"We can always count on Universal Consultants to provide expert hands, eyes and guidance for your sons’ or daughters’ future. They have been and continues to be, a trusted and reliable shoulder to every student they have dealt with."

"With great experience of more than 15 years in Career guidance they have been guiding students for their future with best education in best institutions and professional placements. I wish them all the best."

T. Prasad Rao

Director, Bangalore City College - Bangalore

"Universal Consultants is one of the excellent organization who takes pride in consistently meeting and frequently exceeding the standards and expectations of each students career life."

"Many students and parents have shared their satisfaction. I personally recommend them as a trusted partner for each student for their professional career growth and success. Wishing them all the best for their future."

Dr. K.H.Anilkumar

Director, Karnataka College of Management

"Universal Consultants with their deep expertise and strong experienced team has consistently proven themselves as an excellent and reliable organization to be associated with."

"They have been rendering their services since 2000 and through the past 15 years or more, each student or their parents can count on them to keep their commitments and deliver quality results on time."

"Universal Consultants has greatly contributed their expertise and hard work to every student’s life to make it brighter and successful. Congrats Team keep Going."

Dr. M.Dhanamjaya

Registrar, REVA University - Bangalore

"Universal Consultants is a unique educational consultancy who is always available to guide and counsel to lead every student to excellent professional life."

"I highly recommend Universal Consultants to all aspiring students for all their needs as they will always do meet their commitments. Congrats Universal Consultants core team and their associates. Keep doing wonderful work as shaping future of somebody needs a lot of dedication and hard work."

Eliza Gurung

Student - Nepal

"Universal assisted me a lot for my admission process. All member staffs are very supportive and friendly. I have been guided step-by-step for my application process. Thank you."

Eliza Shresta P

Student - Nepal

"Universal Team guided me a lot for my application process and university selection. I trust their services and recommend to all. Thank You."

Erina Shreshta

Student - Nepal

"Universal has played an important role in guiding me my in my career by selecting for me the best university and my dream program. I am very happy for the support I got from Universal."


Student - Nepal

"I would never forget the way Universal Consultants and their team has supported and helped me. Their team are so professionals and helpful in selecting the University and available at each and every point for my application to be through. I am really happy to meet the entire Universal Consultants team."

Jyothi Gupta

Student - Nepal

"They helped me pick the best college with my dream program. The encouragement they provide will high your confidence abd they give very good support and help. Keep it up Team Universal."

Jyothi Thapa

Student - Nepal

"They were always there for me in my admission process, filing the documentation and each and every step. We can always trust in their services. Very supportive and very professional."


Student - Nepal

"Since the day I started counseling from Universal my journey was really joyful. The guidance process helped me a lot to boost my confidene. Thank You entire team of Universal."

Nima Dolma

Student - Nepal

"Universal Consultants is a great consultants. They make the process very easy. The entire team is very helpful and supportive in each matter."

Nima Sherpa

Student - Nepal

"I got appropriate guidance from the staff. Universal Consultants is truly the company which provides everything. I am thankful to each every member of staff of Universal."

Nitu Kumari Yadav

Student - Nepal

"I am completely satisfied with the staff of Universal. The counselors have been very helpful throughout the process and have guided me in the process who also helped me a lot."

Pooja Basnet

Student - Nepal

"I would like to thank for helping me through complete process. I am thankful to all the counselors for being there at each and every moment whenever I needed help & encouraging me and advised me not as a consultant but as a mentor."

Pooja Kunwar

Student - Nepal

"I would like to thank Universal for being supportive to us along with providing the best services."


Student - Nepal

"It was a great,. I got my admission. It was all possible because of Universal Consultants hard work. All the staff members are helpful and co-operative."

Priyanka Yogi

Student - Nepal

"Universal Consultants is one of the best and all the staff members are helpful and supportive . Thank you for all the support."

Rojina Shah

Student - Nepal

"It has been amazing experience while my whole admission process. I am satisfied with the services. Thank you."


Student - Nepal

"Everything was handled with care and punctuality I am glad by seeing such cooperative staff and counselor."

Samjana Duhal

Student - Nepal

"The experience has been very good. The staff has been co operative. The whole student guidance and counseling process was planned very well."

Sapana Rai

Student - Nepal

"The journey was not easy but the Universal staff stood by me always during that phase. It made me realize that getting a good consultant and organization is as important as getting admission in a good university. Hence, I choose Universal for the entire process from application to procuring admission."

Sarina Koja

Student - Nepal

"My counselor was very co-operative. They made efforts to prepare my documents. Universal Team was available at all times for solving queries."


Student - Nepal

"All the members of Universal consultancy are helpful and polite..They are providing right path for further studies. I want to tell about the entire team, who is fully cooperative, curious, hard-working and sincere."

Sunita Adikari

Student - Nepal

"I am very grateful to the team of Universal Consultants who is helping me at every step of selecting course, appropriate college, admission process, file preparation and further coordination."

Arushi Kumari

Student - Nepal

"Universal played an important role in my career. The team helped me in every problem faced for admission process. I am happy with the services and support they have given."